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Visit Shell Island is the best place for pontoon boat rentals and dolphin tours in Panama City Beach, Florida. Here you can find all the best ways your family can Visit Shell Island, boat charters, boat rentals, and boat tours. Also you can find any vacation activity or adventure you’re interested in, lot’s of fun kid-friendly adventure tours right here on our web site. Be sure to check out our dolphin sightseeing tours, jet ski tours, and our sunset cruises to Shell Island in Panama City Beach, Florida

“World’s most beautiful Beaches” Emerald Waters And Dolphins


Shell Island Jet ski tours

2-hour jet ski tours to Shell Island and to see our most famous residents, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins!


Shell Island pontoon boat rentals

Rent Pontoon boats for up to 10 people. Explore St. Andrews Bay and Shell Island on your own.


Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours

Shell Island Dolphin Tours is an amazing way to view the dolphins, Emerald Waters the White Sand Beaches.

Shell Island Boat tours, Cruise to shell island

Shell Island Boat Tours

Amazing way for the entire family to see dolphins, visit the island and swim in the Emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico!



This video does not do the true beauty of this island any justice. With that said, check out the gorgeous beaches and crystal clear waters!

Shell Island tours and rentals
Shell Island, Panama City Beach, Florida

The Dream Getaway You’ve waited for “Visit Shell Island”

  • How about a vacation where you can rent a pontoon boat for your family and friends and cruise on the emerald waters?
  • How about a vacation to Panama City Beach and visit Shell Island.

Welcome to the trip you’ve been waiting for – it’s finally time! Contact us to book activities, tours, and rentals today.

Things to do at Shell Island – Discover Your Perfect Destination

There’s no shortage of activities when you visit Shell Island. Our experienced team offers activities for all types of vacationers – whether you’re on your honeymoon or booking a family stay, we guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time.

  • Do you want to swim with dolphins, or rent a jet ski?
  • Would your family like to take a Sunset Boat Cruise?
  • Visit Shell Island not only has information on all of these fun vacation activities, you can purchase these items right here, in advance, to assure your reservation.

Sightseeing dolphin tours to Shell Island are some of the more popular tourist attractions in Panama City Beach, Florida. We offer jet ski tours and boat cruises to Shell Island. The vistas are amazing at Shell Island for snorkeling, a great spot for that family photo you’ve been putting off.

Do to the high volume of interest in to the activities that we offer. Please be sure to call or email us, to check times and availability. Before driving to our location. So what are the best activities when you visit shell island? Here are a few quick ideas for starter!

Now we’ve got some ideas. Now a plan is forming. Get planning your Shell Island, Panama City Beach Cruise – learn about our services in depth below, and book your vacation activities now!

Why Choose Visit Shell Island?

Our boat rental facility is one of the top-rated attractions in Panama City Beach. Check out our listing on Tripadvisor or Google to read verified reviews left by happy vacationers from all over the country. Our jet ski rentals are all -inclusive and competitively priced, and our expert tour guides guarantee your best possible chance of spotting dolphins in the wild.

You can rent a boat yourself to explore the open water with friends and family. Boat rentals start at 8:30 a.m and go til 5:30 p.m each day. You can rent a boat for the full day or half day. Call in advance to make a reservation. As this is a very popular activity.

Voted Best Attraction in Panama City Beach, Florida

  • Visit Shell Island Located @ 5711 N Lagoon Drive Panama City Beach, Florida 32408 – 850-319-3324

Voted Top 10 Best Things To Do in Panama City Beach, FL

  • Local’s favorite place to visit, and locals favorite things to do
  • Charter a boat and embark on an adventure with your children, or host a memorable gathering for your friends with pontoon boat rentals! Securing a pontoon boat offers an unparalleled opportunity to discover the coastline at your own pace, providing a unique setting for any celebration!
  • Dolphin excursions are celebrated across the globe, and Shell Island, situated near Panama City Beach, is renowned as the top spot for encountering dolphins. These lively marine animals frequently play and swim near boats, warmly welcoming spectators. Offer your family an extraordinary adventure by booking a dolphin jet ski tour.
  • Consider boat tours around Shell Island with our friendly, knowledgeable guides. Discover the natural wonders of Florida’s Gulf Coast and witness it’s spectacular wildlife.
  • Panama City Beach is always ready to serve up a dash of romance. We’ve got the scenery, we’ve got the food, and we’ve got sunset cruises perfect for couples of all ages. There are also numerous luxury resorts and hotels for the ideal honeymoon booking.

Shell Island Boat Rentals

Shell Island Boat Rentals offers a unique opportunity to explore the pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy a day of adventure and relaxation as you glide over the emerald water in our top-quality boats.

Dolphin Encounters

Definitely memories for a lifetime when you Experience the magic of a Shell Island dolphin encounter, It’s a truly unforgettable moment of connection with nature, as dolphins play and swim around the pristine waters of Shell Island.

Shell Island Tours

Explore the untouched beauty of Shell Island with our guided tours, where the pristine shores and diverse wildlife offer an escape into nature’s untouched paradise. Encounter local wildlife on this unforgettable shell island adventure tour.

shell island, panama city beach, fl

Create memories that will last a lifetime

Why Choose Us For your Vacation Memories?

5 Great Reasons to choose us for your Tours & Rentals

As we’ve said, our expert guides can help you choose the best places to stay and the finest restaurants to eat at. It’s our job to ensure that your vacation is enjoyable and relaxing and that you can make your booking with complete peace of mind.

Our pontoon boat rentals are affordable and secure. Our dolphin tours are guided by the most knowledgeable experts. Sunset cruises are the most romantic on the Gulf Coast. And our all-around package is the best you’ll find anywhere!

1. Amazing Range of Options

We offer activities tailored to your stay. This includes the best activities for young children, the idea time of day to book dolphin tours or boat tours, and information on our pontoon boat rentals to help you choose the perfect craft.

Our service guarantees you the best experience. We’ll help you plan a schedule that means you’re always entertained and never exhausted!

Get in touch to learn more about our options.

2. Friendly, Knowledgeable Guides

Our boat tours are curated by experts who will help you discover the hidden gems of the Gulf Coast. Never miss a moment – our eagle-eyed guides know where dolphins and other aquatic life will likely surface and where the best viewing spots are.

Our licensed professionals staff on our dolphin tours and boat tours, and or vessels are maintained to the highest degree. We’re here to help you and your loved ones enjoy your vacation.

Call now to start your journey!

3. Family-Friendly Tours

We can promise you family-friendly boat tours that accommodate your children’s needs. Our approachable guides are always on-hand to answer questions or listen to your concerns.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more, or let us know about special requirements! We’ll do everything we can to ensure you get the perfect family vacation you deserve.

4. Secure Advance Bookings

A vacation is an investment and understand that plans sometimes have to change. Booking in advance is the best way to guarantee the vacation of your dreams! Contact our friendly team to learn more.

5. Affordable Prices

Finding your dream vacation is a lot easier with a host that offers affordable prices – and can advise you on the best affordable options for your Visit Shell Island vacation.

Our team can let you in on the area’s most affordable excursions and high-quality, low-cost accommodation.

From our pontoon boat rentals to our sunset cruises, all our services are priced for everyday families and vacationers. We want you to relax and enjoy yourself – get in touch and let’s get started.

Visit Shell Island: Planning Your Trip

Knowing the best place for cruises & tours to Shell Island and Panama City Beach, guarantees you the vacation of your dream. Let us know who’s coming, and we’ll get the entertainment prepared! Here’s what we can do for you.

Shell Island – The Prefect Family Vacation

Our family-friendly dolphin tours are legendary, and are family-sized pontoon boat rentals for a fantastic day on the water. We’ll address any questions or concerns you have about taking your kids on a boat and ensure that you’re safe and comfortable at all times.

Your kids will love the white sand and beautiful ocean view at Shell Island. It’ a real fun beach to visit. They’ll remember it for the rest of their lives.

Book your family vacation at Panama City Beach now.

Group Trips to Shell Island, Panama City Beach

Fancy a getaway with your friend? Shell island is the perfect place.

Our pontoon boat rentals are idea for a party on the water. The water is warm, the sun is shining, and you’re away with your friends on the vacation of a lifetime. What’s not to like?

Get in touch to learn more about our group bookings at Shell Island.

Book Activities, Tours, and Rentals Today!

Let us be you guide to Visit Shell Island and choose to book with us. From the best priced pontoon boat rentals to Shell Island Dolphin Tours, we’re your #1 choice for tours and rentals on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast “Panama City Beach”.

You’ve waited for this. Now you’re ready to book with the best tour agency & rental service. Contact us to book activities, tours, and rentals today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to go to Shell Island in Panama City?

It depends on the excursion you choose to take to Shell Island. Our sunset cruise is 65.00 per person. Check our availability Shell Island sunset cruises

Where are you located?

We are located nearby Shell Island. We are located at 5711 N Lagoon Dr, Panama City Beach, Florida. Get directions to our location.

How long is the boat ride to Shell Island?

Most boat cruises and boat rentals take about 15mins to get to Shell Island. Rest of the time is yours to explore.

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