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Visit Shell Island is the premier Boat tour agency near shell island in Panama city beach, Florida. And it’s a real joy to Visit the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”. It’s a real fun beach to visit so if you are looking for a boat tour near you or near your location come see us.

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Signature 2-Hour Boat Tour to Shell Island: Book Yours today!

Looking for something unique to do in Panama City Beach? You won’t want to miss the opportunity to swim with dolphins in crystal clear waters. “Swim with dolphins is not guaranteed” on any tour. You can hire a boat tour agency to take you on this exotic adventure to create memories you will never forget!

Our Boat Cruises are a nice way to take a dolphin tour to explore nearby Shell Island and the Gulf of Mexico. Our dolphin boat cruises are 2 hours in length and provide the opportunity to explore Shell Island, snorkel and swim with dolphins. Dolphin interaction is never guaranteed. Every Dolphin tour is different and unique.

Benefits of Panama City’s Number One Boat Tours

Pack sunscreen and prepare to dive into a fun adventure with the local bottlenose dolphins on the much beloved Shell Island boat tour. This experience is perfect for friends and families looking to add a breathtaking adrenaline rush to their next vacation getaway.

When you hire one of our local boat tours, you’re allowed to sit back and relax while the guide – captain does the work. You won’t need to worry about navigating the open waters or trying to find bottlenose dolphins when your experienced guide or captain knows the best places to find them.

Customized Private Boat Charter Experiences

At Visit Shell Island, we offer private boat charter option to suit every preference. Choose from peaceful romantic sunset cruises to vibrant wildlife expeditions. Our customizable experiences are designed to perfectly match your individual interest, ensuring a unique and personal adventure. These charters are 3 and 4 hours long. Must have a reservation for this Private Boat Charter to Shell Island.

Contact our Boat Tour Agency and Reserve Your Spot!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience nature up close! Very few places offer this experience at an affordable rate in such a beautiful location. Visit “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” visit shell island in Panama City Beach it’s a real fun beach to visit. Adventure awaits you on Shell Island, and you don’t want to let it pass you by. Contact our boat tour agency today!

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Shell Island Boat 
Tours in Panama City Beach

On Our 2hr Boat Tour To Beautiful Shell Island

The boats can accommodate up to 6 passenger per boat load. Bigger families NO Problem!!! We have multiple boat that will stay together during the duration of the trip.

$45 per person

Departure Times: Must have reservation

  • 8:00 am – 10:00 am
  • 10:15am – 12:15 am
  • 12:30am – 2:30 pm
  • 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • 5:15 pm – 7:15 pm

See The Sea Floor with Snorkel Tours

Ready to gaze across the sea floor on snorkel tours? At Shell Island, Panama City Beach, you have access to 7 miles of the underdeveloped barrier island to explore. The natural, unspoiled area allows for the local marine life to thrive and flourish in the environment, making it a perfect place for you to embrace the open sea during snorkel tours. But how do you get there?

On our Snorkel trip you’ll be dropped off in the calm, still waters behind the popular island. It’s the perfect starting place for participants of all ages on snorkel tours! Experts can start off in the shallows and move about freely while beginners can slowly ease themselves into the water to see what the sea has to offer!

The snorkel tours will allow you to engage with local marine life, such as crabs, tropical fish, and rays. There’s also the chance to encounter bottlenose dolphins that call the area home, or sea turtles that pass by! If you’re ready to sink your toes in the sand and explore the waters around Shell Island, the snorkel tours are for you.

Enjoy Gorgeous Sunset Cruises and Catch The Best Sunset Views

Have you always enjoyed setting sail as the sun sets below the horizon? Take a trip out to sea at Visit Shell Island during the golden hour to capture the world at its most beautiful with our sunset cruises. As the sun descends below the waves, sit back and relax. Enjoy the view of the sunlight melting into the waves and you cruise along the open water.

During sunset cruises, you’ll see the world in the whole new light as you traverse the sea. Shell Island cruise promise an adventure of a lifetime in a gorgeous, serene environment. On sunset cruise, you can witness the world at peace – and maybe a few resident bottlenose dolphins along the way! Each voyage is unique, allowing every passenger to return with a personalized tale of adventure to share.

If this calls to your inner explorer, don’t wait to make a reservation. Call now to reserve your spot or rent a boat for yourself for sunset cruises. You’ll thank yourself later for securing your seat on a voyage to the sunset. Remember to book early as to “Tickets sale out fast”.

How often does the Shell Island boat tours run?

Our boat tours depart every couple hours. 1st trip is usually 8:00am depending on season. Please contact us for tour times.

Do you guarantee to swim with dolphins?

No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee any interaction. We can guarantee you a great cruise to shell island, wildlife is a bonus.

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