Pontoon Boat Rentals To Shell Island in Panama City Beach

Shell Island pontoon boat rentals, if you’re taking a break from the cool weather, visit sunny Panama City Beach, FL. It’s a real fun beach to visit, where it’s summertime all year round! While you’re here, why not rent a pontoon boat and go boating? Recreational boating to shell island is one of the best things to do in Panama City Beach. Our Shell Island pontoon boats are beautifully maintained and offer the perfect day out for families and groups of friends.

If you’re looking for nearby pontoon boats to complete your vacation, we’ve got everything you need. Call us now and book pontoon boat rentals!

Our Pontoon Boat Rentals in Panama City Beach

A pontoon boat is the perfect vessel for a family or a group of friends to spend an unforgettable day out on the water. Take a trip on the bays of St Andrews, azure waters of the gulf coast and relax, party, or explore at your leisure!

We offer all types of pontoon boat rentals – check out options below and choose your rental!

Shell Island Pontoon Boat Rental Facility

Standard Pontoon Boats

These are our most popular selections. There’s plenty of room for everyone, and you can enjoy a full day cruising around the bay without distractions. All our standard pontoon boats are beautifully maintained. That is the perfect vessel for an all-day fishing trip out in the bay or to explore the island.

panama city beach boat rentals

Premium Pontoon Boats

Our Premium pontoon boats offer ample space and are our top choice for parties and celebrations. If you’re on a getaway with your friends, get the full luxury experience by renting one of our spacious, comfortable, premium pontoon boat!

There’s plenty of room for food and drink storage, so you won’t have to restock. There’s plenty of seating room on these boats, so they’re also great for larger families

double-decker boat rental

Double-Decker Slide Pontoon Boats

This is the ultimate choice for families – there’s entertainment galore with long slide into the warm sea! Your kids will love it.

It’s not just a boat for kids, though. Double-Decker slide pontoon boats are a great choice for parties. You’re never too old to enjoy a slide, so rent a pontoon boat that gives you extra fun for your day out with friends! There’s also ample storage space on these boats.

When you Visit Shell Island, you can’t do better than our selection of nearby pontoon boats for convenience and fun. Call Us today to book your visit!

Why Rent Shell Island Pontoon Boats? Activities At Shell Island

Shell Island is the ultimate vacation destination for families, groups of friends, and couples. There’s always something to do when you rent one of our nearby pontoon boats – here’s what you can look forward to.

Discover “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” Panama City’s Best

Discover shell island, it’s a real fun beach to visit in Panama City Beach, Florida. Top list of the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” vacationer’s love to visit shell island. Local’s favorite place to visit for fun in the sun.

See The Sights of Panama City’s Shell Island

Shell Island is a barrier island – it’s absolutely gorgeous. Pontoon boat rentals are the perfect way to explore and see the coast as you never seen it before. From dolphins to greenery to white sands, there’s something fro everyone!

Adults, children, and grandparents alike will be delighted when they go boating. The Gulf Coast is simply dazzling whether you’re sitting back fishing for the day and enjoying the view or checking out the underwater vistas while snorkeling.

Our Boat rentals are versatile and can be customized specifically for the group you are bringing – call us now to ask any questions.

Park by a Cozy Shore near Shell Island

When you rent a pontoon boat from us, you can enjoy a full day on the water or stop off along Shell Island. Take a break along the coast during your cruise to discover beauty spots and stretch your legs. Discover you own private, cozy, area on a real fun beach while you take a load off and relax.

Set yourself up a picnic, put up a tent or some umbrellas, and go ahead and enjoy the beach. This is a great time to swim around in the shore water, build sandcastles, or do some tanning and reading.

Try Some Underwater Activities

When you rent a pontoon boat, you can jump off at any time to do snorkeling, diving or just swimming around! There’s plenty of undersea wildlife for you to observe and interact with. See what you’re able to spot!

A couple notes on snorkeling:

  1. Remember that if you’re renting Double-Decker slide pontoon boats and planning to snorkel, don’t swim underneath the slide!
  2. Keep an eye out for other nearby pontoon boats where people may be fishing!

Other than that, you’re ready to go.

Call us to learn more about snorkeling opportunities.

See the Dolphins

You don’t have to get into the water to see amazing wildlife! One of the most popular attractions of renting a pontoon boat is the abilty to spot dolphins in the wild.

Dolphins love to follow boats along the side or the back of the boat and say hello to humans. Rent our pontoon boats for the ultimate day put in comfort and luxury, surrounded by beautiful dolphins.

Voted Best Attraction in Panama city beach FL. Rent a pontoon boat to go visit shell Island, go snorkeling, explore the island, fishing, Swim with dolphins, Cruise the Bay for the Day.

Go Fishing in St Andrews Bay

Some parts of the Gulf are excellent for fishing. Our pontoon boat rentals give you and your buddies plenty of space to relax and enjoy a day seeing what you can catch. Contact us to learn the best fishing spots and rent a pontoon boat now!


At the end of a long day of boating, you will probably be ready for a good dinner. Panama City Beach has a lively restaurant scene, and you’ll be able to find something anywhere you go.

You’ll likely be hungry for seafood after a day on the water! Something about seafood near the water just taste better and fresher. We can recommend the best spots – get in touch to learn more.

Prices, Bookings And Availability

For Competitive prices and to ensure availability, secure your pontoon boat rentals for Shell Island online. With various rental options, from standard to premium and double-decker slide pontoon boats, book online for an unforgettable Panama City Beach experience. Don’t miss out – check bookings and rent your ideal pontoon boat today! *Prices starting at, availability and times are subject to change*

Shell Island Pontoons
Panama City Pontoon Rental
Panama city beach pontoon boats
rent a pontoon boat
  • 8-10 hour rental
  • Up to 10 passengers (max wight of 1600lbs)
  • Safety gear included
  • Fuel included
  • Book online Today!
Panama city beach pontoon boats
Panama City pontoon boat rental
pontoon boat rental
  • 4-5 hour rental
  • Up to 10 passengers (max wight of 1600lbs)
  • Safety gear included
  • Fuel included
  • Book online Today!


To check pontoon boat rentals availability for your adventure to Shell Island, please call. Contact us at 850-319-3324 for bookings or inquiries about our standard, premium, or double-decker slide pontoon boats. With a pontoon boat rental, your Shell Island experience becomes unforgettable. Don’t miss out on rentals-call now and secure your spot!

Panama City Beach Boat Rentals

What you Should Know Before You Rent a Pontoon Boat?

Renting a boat is very simple. Pontoon boat rentals are a popular industry in Florida, and when you’re renting our pontoon boats, you’ve got the ultimate day out with minimal fuss.

Our Shell Island pontoon boats are managed and maintained by professionals, and we’re always happy to answer questions. Pontoons are incredibly user-friendly, and nearly anyone can captain them. And don’t worry – you will be fully debriefed and given all the information you need to know before you leave the docks.

Voted Top 10 Shell Island Pontoon Rentals in Panama city, Florida. Here are some tips to prepare before you go boating.

Recreational boating at shell island
Boating to nearby shell Island

What to Pack

First, you’ll want to make sure you’re well-packed. Forgetting something is not fun when it means turning the whole boat around. Luckily, when you book our pontoon boat rentals, you’ll have plenty of space to spread out and set up your things.

Pontoon boats contain lots of extra space for your passengers and belongings. So if you tend to over pack, you’ll be better safe than sorry.

You’ll want to pack whatever gear you need for snorkeling, fishing, swimming, or any other water activities. You’ll also want to pack any medications you take, an extra change of clothes, your ID, cellphones, and any other essentials that would carry day to day.

Additionally, it never hurts to have beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and plenty of extra towels to rest your stuff on as well as dry yourself if you go swimming.

Food to bring

We recommend packing plenty of water. Being out on the water can be thirsty work, so having plenty of water can prevent dehydration and fatigue.

If you plan to pack perishable foods, make sure to pack a cooler filled with ice, as your food may get left in the sun. Planning a long day? Pack at least one meal, such as a sandwich. Little snacks will also be a great accompaniment to your trip.

Contact our team to start planning your pontoon boat rental!

What to Wear

Be sure to dress appropriately. While the sun can get quite hot. It can also be pretty windy on the boat. Wearing something sun-protective is a great idea to ensure you avoid sunburn.

Having layers will also ensure that you can cover up from the sun or wind but still be able to take them off to enjoy your rental. Closed-toe shoes like water sandals will help keep your balance on the bat while also being useful for swimming.

Designating a Group and Driver

Now that you’re all packed up, it’s time to start thinking about who’s coming with you. You’ll want to plan in advance by getting your group together ahead of time and booking your Shell Island pontoon boats ahead of time.

Our pontoon boats can hold up to 10 passengers, so it’s perfect for groups of friends and families. Is your group bigger than this? Simple rent two of our Shell Island pontoon boats and sail together.

Just as with driving, you should designate a driver or two to captain the boat. This is especially important if anyone plans on drinking. You’ll want to have your driver information figured out ahead of time.

Any questions? Get in touch! Our friendly, helpful staff will provide full answers and arrange your pontoon boat rentals now!

Book Pontoon Boat Rentals at Shell Island Today!

Renting a pontoon or boat is super simple process. If you’re ready to go boating it’s time to give us a call and get started.

Get out there and have a good time. Book pontoon boat rentals today!

Cheapest pontoon boat rentals in Panama City Beach?

We have some of the best prices in Panama City Beach.

Where is the best place to rent a pontoon boat in Panama City Beach?

Our boat rental facility is located at 5711 N Lagoon Dr, Panama City Beach, Florida

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