Jet Ski Rentals at Panama City Beach

Why Are Jet Ski Rentals Popular in Panama City Beach?

Jet ski rentals in Panama City Beach, Florida are so much fun! Are you looking for the perfect water-based activity to add to your Florida vacation? Embrace the spirit of the adventure and go jet skiing with Visit Shell Island!

We provide jet ski rentals and unforgettable jet ski tours for visitors to beautiful Shell Island in Panama City Beach. We offer rentals in 30 minute or 1 hour increments. Ride solo or tandem during your jet ski rental in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Keep reading to learn more about how to rent jet skis from Visit Shell Island, then give us a call to reserve your spot. We look forward to serving you!

Beachgoers love to go jet skiing and it’s not hard to see why. It feels like riding a motorcycle on the ocean! You have more control when you ride a jet ski than you would in a boat, and they also have more safety features and are easier to maneuver.

What do I Need to Rent Jet Skis in Panama City?

You are welcome to book jet ski rentals for your vacation at any time by calling the number on our website. We require reservations for our rentals as well as our jet ski tours, since they can fill up quickly during the popular months.

You’ll need to bring some things to the office when you come to pick up your skis, including a photo ID and a certificate to show you’ve passed the boating safety exam required by the state of Florida.

Here are some specifics about what you’ll need in order to rent jet skis from us.

Age, Height, and Weight Requirements for Jet Skis

To ensure the well being of our customers, there are several safety requirements in place for all jet ski rentals and tours at our facility. You need to be at least 18years of age to rent jet skis. Additionally, no more than two people with a combined weight of 350 pounds may ride on one jet ski.

o Weight limit for 2 riders is 350lbs

o Weight limit for 1 rider (Please call for weight limits)

o Should be able to pull your own weight upon falling off the jet ski

o Children must meet minimum age, height and weight requirements to participate

For more information about the age, height, or weight requirements for jet ski rentals, please give us a call during our open hours. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Boating License

Before you go jet skiing with us, you’ll need to obtain a boater’ safety certificate through an authorized, Florida State-approved facility. There is no minimum age to qualify for this certificate; however, please remember you must be 18 years of age to rent jet skis from Visit Shell Island. Driver’s can be 16 years of age with photo ID and proof of boater safety certificate.

The licensing exam for jet ski rentals can be completed in one sitting, or spread out over a number of days. You have to get at least 76% of the questions right in order to pass, so we recommend taking an accredited Florida boat safety training course first. These course are offered online by several companies, and usually cost about $10.

Please be sure to complete the licensing course and exam before arriving at our rental facility in Panama City Beach. Once you pass the exam, your certificate will remain valid photo ID to rent jet skis.

All jet ski drivers will need a boater’s safety certificate if born after January 1, 1988. Please complete the license exam BEFORE your arrival. You will need a picture ID and completed certification for your rental.

Other Recommendations

To get the most enjoyment out of your jet ski rentals, we highly recommend you to wear some form of sun protection, such as sunscreen or sun shirt. Other things to wear include a bathing suit and maybe some water shoes.

We don’t recommend wearing a sun hat or any kind of hat because there’s a high chance it will go flying off once you accelerate. This is a major safety concerns so just remember hats are not prohibited.

You Should never go jet skiing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Jet ski rentals are off-limits to patrons who appear to be under the influence. If you seem to be under the influence when you come to rent jet skis from us, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

Jet ski Rentals At Visit Shell Island in Panama City Beach

We offer different rental packages for customers depending on their needs. You can choose solo rentals if everyone wants their own watercraft, or tandem rentals so two people can ride on the same ski. Our jet ski rentals are issued in 30-minute or 1 hour increments, so you can decide how long you want to be out on the water.

Before you take off, you’ll go trough a safety briefing with one of our experienced rental professionals. We’ll walk you through the important points such as how to climb back onto your watercraft if you happen to fall or jump off, as well as the basic operation of a jet ski.

All of our Yamaha watercraft inspected and serviced regularly to ensure their safety. We’ll also make sure your watercraft has a full tank before you head out so you can enjoy your time out on the water without having to worry about running out of gas.

Solo or Tandem Rentals

For solo rentals’ the person piloting the ski must be at least 18 years of age and must complete a valid boating safety course prior to rental date. Anyone riding a jet ski should be strong enough to pull their body weight back onto the ski in case they fall off, or if they decide to go swimming. Please give us a call any time for specific information about weight limits for riding a jet ski.

Tandem rentals are idea for parents who want to ride with their children under 18 years of age. The combined weight for a tandem rental should not exceed 350 pounds. Pleas get in touch with our staff to learn about the height requirements for children under 18.

Whether you want to go jet skiing alone or with a friend or family member on board, we guarantee you’ll have a blast zooming across the water!

Jet Skiing Rates

Our rates for jet ski rentals are the same no matter whether you’re booking a solo or tandem ride. We offer a discount for customers who book for a full hour opposed to 30 mins.


Activities are very popular

Please call for availability and to Schedule Your Time: 

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Rent A Jet Ski in Panama City Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might be buzzing with questions after reading all about jet ski rentals at Visit Shell Island. We are on hand to answer your queries at any time; just give us a call! In meantime, here are our answers to some of the questions people often have about jet ski rentals.

Is it fun to ride a jet ski?

Yes, most customers find it exhilarating to ride a jet ski. You have total control over where you pilot your watercraft, and they are very easy to steer and maneuver. Plus, any time you want to go swimming, you can just jump right off into the water!

Is riding a jet ski easy?

Yes, it’s relatively easy to learn how to ride a jet ski. Most customers get the hang of it right away. Go slowly at first until you feel more confident in your ability to steer the vessel.

Can a jet ski flip?

Jet skis are very stable, but they can flip if you go really fast and then try to execute a sharp, sudden turn. This usually happens when people try to do tricks or jumps. Weight limits can cause to flip to. Our jet ski rentals include safety training sessions with our friendly and professional water sports experts, so you’ll know what to do to avoid capsizing while you’re out on the water.

Best place to rent jet skis at in Panama City Beach?

Visit Shell island is one of the best places to rent jet skis at in Panama City Beach. Top rental facility with the best prices.

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